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Friday, January 8, 2016

Vision Boards and an Awesome New Year

I had a vision for what I wanted my 30th year to look like but I always got caught up in the how and the how much of making it happen quickly abandoning dreams behind fear and the unknown but last year I used a vision board to help me focus on making it happen and surprisingly it helped! 

After Oprah endorsed the book “The Secret”, vision boards took off if a major way and became the new “it” thing for New Year resolution makers everywhere. Last year I heard Lucinda Cross’s story in Essence magazine and decided to attended one of her vision board parties here in NYC. It was so encouraging to hear her story and that of all the ladies in attendance and I quickly got swept up in energy of the room, flipping through magazines and clipping out pretty pictures with cool text to go with it.

Once I got it home this “master piece” I’d constructed was huge and bulky and something that would probably go out on the next recycling day. In March I was turning the big 3-0 and wanted to really begin living, the theme of the festivities leading up to my birthday was “All the Things I Want to Try” and my girls made sure I checked some of those things off my list before my big day. I HAD A BALL! By the end of my birthday weekend I was so grateful for them pushing me to do things I had only talked about and wanted to keep it going, so I gave the vision board another chance and some of the changes I made helped make it work for me:

1- SCALE! The size of my original board was just WAY too big for me. It was one of those science fair kind of displays and would end up taking too much space and bother me rather than inspire me. I chose the top of shoe box I no longer used that was a perfect square and size.

2- LESS HYPE, MORE THOUGHT. I realized I got caught up in everyone’s hype and excitement and honestly the girl talk that started happening at the tables in the vision board party and didn’t pay too much attention to the thought behind what I was creating. While I’m grateful for the connections I made that night, it left my vision a little haphazard so this time I decided to think about more of what I’d like to look back on when I turned 31. I found that I didn’t really want to hike up a volcano and Jillian Michael is NOT my fitness bff so I chose better images that fit who and what I wanted to become with text to match.

3- POSITION. This is where scale came into play in a major way. Because of the size of the board I used I was able to easily find a prominent space for my vision to hang to keep as a constant and daily reminder of the goals I’d set for myself. To this day it hangs on my cork board over my desk where I was forced to see anything I left hanging and unchecked daily.

::TIP:: Break your board into sections to keep things from going overboard clipping, mine was mainly broken into 4 parts: Sprit, Travel, Motherhood, and Creative work.

I’m proud now looking up at my board and seeing how many of the goals I set were met. There were a few I didn’t tackle but at least I’m reminded of the work I have left to do. While my “new year” is celebrated on my birthday and not on January 1st I’ve already begun thinking about creating my new board and might even throw a board party to celebrate, who knows! 

Did you create a board for your New Year goals/resolution? Are you a resolution or a word of the year person?