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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Truth About Needing a Mommy Mental Health Day

Mommy needs a break!

Something’s been off with my energies lately, completely exhausted by 6p, completely knocked out by 9, jolted awake by nothing by 2:30a with no hope of falling back asleep until about 4:30a, and then the alarms go off at 5:20a. SIGH

My father in law was buried yesterday and it’s on my mind very heavy today.

I’m a creative, which means if I’m not stimulated and inspired my vibes sucks!

This weather is drab, and cold, and draining and I don’t want to do homework and answer a million and one questions. HANGS HEAD.

I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to feel however they feel, to sit in and feel your emotions unapologetically. An issue only comes up when we either a) ignore our spirit’s need to stop and wrap that Super-Mom cape tighter and “conquer” our worlds or b) stay in those feelings too long and become useful to no one. Here’s the one issue in needing a mental day while you’re a single mom, there’s no one to easily pass the responsibilities of your day to so you must improvise.

1-FIND A WAY! Just like when you have 15 minutes to get ready and out the door and your child reminds you they don’t have lunch and you storm through those cabinets and make something to impress the lunch room and still make it to work on time-there’s always a way. I’ve found that at those 2am wake up calls my spirit is unsettled about something and needs my attention so I get up. One night I tried prayer, another night I sat still in the darkness of my room, and by morning I wasn’t 100% but definitely not dragging. So I did no social media, I barely answered my phone, and I’m trying to get to the bottom of why when things are finally falling into place I’m feeling so scattered.

2-REMIND YOURSELF THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Every way you’re feeling is real because your body is responding to something, what you’re feeling might not be. That problem that seems insurmountable, the next move that seems bigger than your abilities, that person you can’t get through to, it’s not true! It’s your story but it’s not true! You’ve got this, I’ve got this-it’s all about reminding ourselves when we go through the waves. This isn’t my first round with the mean reds and it probably won’t be my last but each round teaches me more about myself so I’ve got to ride this thing out and see what the end’s gonna be.

3-KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In truth, you’ve got to figure your stuff out and no one can do this for you. FACTS! While all of your decisions rest with you, there are thousands more feeling and dealing with everything you’re feeling and dealing with and then some. They can come through and so can you! Draw from the strong around you, even if in silence (I sure am), encourage  yourself to avoid going in too deep into those feelings, and eat something GOOD (Talenti anyone??)

The truth about needing a Mommy Health Day is: WE ALL NEED ONE every once in a while and that’s O.K.!

Take your day and come out of it with insight and maybe even a solution. See you on the other side!

In the meantime, this commercial seems like every part of my life right now, ENJOY 🙂

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