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Spring Cleaning with HP and Dwell

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like Spring here in NYC and of course warmer temps mean in with the light and fresh and out with the heavy drab of the colder months aka SPRING CLEANING! Everyday I’m making our little space feel more like us, as I figure out what it is Chunks and I need to comfortably share space (read: not get bullied in a corner by Chunks and all his cars and trains). Last week I was invited to SoHo for a an exclusive blogger event by HP to discuss getting our home offices in  order while Spring cleaning with Dwell Studio’s founder, Christiane Lemieux.

The event was held in the chic Dwell Studio flagship store and a small group of NYC bloggers gathered for what we thought was going to be a tips and product review session to give us ideas for our home offices but what actually turned into a real live Pinterest! FUNNERS!! 🙂 We were asked to bring pictures of our current work spaces/home offices to show Christiane what we were working with and get her opinion on what she thought would work best design wise and give tips on how to keep things organized and functional even when sharing the space with kids. Honestly?? All I have is a space I know I’d use for my home office and a head full of ideas…not working with much right now 🙁
Me explaining my non-office space (clearly I have an issue with it lol)
Christiane giving advice on how bloggers could better arrange their space
After a little bit we were given vision boards to create our very own dream office, if money wasn’t  an issue and design logistics came naturally, and bring our Pinterest boards to life. To help us, the store was dotted with these FAB HP computers and printers, my fav being the SpectreONE. The wining point of the printers for me was that I could wirelessly send work to it and it prints AMAZING quality photos! With 12 bloggers excited to get their dream office on display those printers were put to WORK and didn’t disappoint.

HP Workstation in the uber chic Dwell Studio flagship store

At the end we all presented our boards to the group and everyone voted on who we felt should win a full home office makeover sponsored by HP and Dwell and guess who won???


This truly BLANK space will be furnished by HP and Dwell Studio to finally give ME, MY OWN SPACE to study, do work, and blog more and get me out of my current home office-my bed! I’m too excited about this and of course will be back to give updates as the design comes together. What I can tell you?? Thomas the Train and Lightning McQueen will NOT run MY space! (yea right)

*I was not compensated for this post although I was HAPPY to be the winner!! lol


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