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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Letters to Our Children: 6 ½

Hey Kid,

This month brought us through half of your being 6, so Happy Half Birthday! Someone asked me how old you were and I stuttered when it hit me, you’ll be seven soon. SEVEN! ::sigh:: no birthday gets easier for mw because I still want my baby, but like you CONSTANTLY remind me, you’re my big boy now.

You are still my happy kid. Like your mom you laugh as often as you can and always find something to crack a joke about and I love it. You are so, so helpful now and take great pride in “doing things for Mommy”. Everyone loves to hear the crazy stories you come up with, animations and all! Last week you told me I was always going to be your Valentine and my heart melted, almost made me hate the daughter-in-law that will change that one day, but in that moment though, I savored the charm of my boy. More and more I am seeing your father in you and your ways like the way you can talk to anyone about almost anything, much to my dismay, and your hesitation to trying new things but getting you to try is getting easier.

The other day you told me I was a photographer and that I should tell people, I laughed at how upset you were about it but it made me question why I didn’t own it as easily as you seemed to. When I asked you why you let me take your photo for this post you told me that I needed to practice so I could have my own studio lol. Dream just as big and bigger for yourself too, kid! 

That night I put you to bed and sat up thinking about how we’ve been on this journey together for almost seven years and have become exactly the same for each other. I push you to work hard and dream big, do well in school, try new things, believe you can do whatever you try to do, and be open to what the world around you is teaching you, pray and pray some more and in more ways than I realized you’ve done the same for me. 

I’m grateful God chose me to mother you and pray every day I’m being what you need since you’re everything I could have ever dreamt and more. Here’s to this adventure we’re on kid, I’m looking forward to celebrating many more with my favorite guy!

Loving You Always,


Letters To Our Children is an awesome monthly letter series hosted by LaShawn from Everyday Eyecandy.  Click on over to Tamika  and read her letter to her little girl and then follow the circle all the way through!

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