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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

30 Things Series- Five Things I Am Passionate About

I’m picking up in my 30 Things My Children Should Know About Me series and this time we’re covering the My 5 Passions. As I type I can only think of 3, but we’ll see what comes to mind.

#1- YOU! My pride and joy, my entire reason some days. I’ve been crazy about you long before I ever met you. You and your siblings (if I ever get to meet them) have been on my mind since I was in junior high school and you are almost everything I thought you would be all along, of course you had to have your own personality, but I think it’s perfect. Watching you grow and noticing all the small changes you’re making in becoming a young man makes the dullest day bright again. Thank You for showing up for me, I pray I’m doing my part for you too. XOXO

#2- Giving Back: You’re learning first hand how important helping others is to me. Some bumps in life made me a little bit guarded and cold in certain situations but my heart aches for those in pain or need in anyway and I always feel the need to give, even if it’s to just show up. I hope that by watching what I do you get that strong urge too. Anytime you walk past a homeless person I’d love for you to remember that but for the grace of God that could be us too, so be a little giving. When one of your classmates is getting bullied for not having the hottest gear or not being able to afford the fancy lunch, I hope I get to tell you of the days I went on a “fast” because I didn’t have enough money to buy food in college, so be a little graceful. Should there ever come a time when you can help someone up, think of the many people that did the same for you mother and try to be just a little compassionate. If ever there is a time that you can serve, SERVE, the blessings come back to you and yours tenfold, Mommy is living proof and I hope you respect that.

#3- My faith. I fell in love with God at a very young age and then later accepted Christ as my savior at the age of 10. As I get older and go through life, there are too many instances that ONLY God did it for me to believe He doesn’t exist and that I’m not His. I will not force my faith on you but will show you all the others so you can decide for yourself, I just hope that in my walk I’m showing you the good in my relationship with God and I hope you get to know Him for yourself too.

#4- Photography. My cousin gave me my first film camera when I was your age (6 or 7). I can look back now and see she was trying to distract me from what was happening in my parents’s marriage so everyday during Summer vacation we’d go to the park or the garden and snap pictures and I couldn’t wait to see what would come back from the developers. Fast forward now, I’ve got the big guy hanging with me almost all the time and I know you get sick of me always pointing that camera in your face but documenting you is so important to me, yes even that yawn! Other than you, taking in everything around me and capturing what its all like now, in this moment has become such a passion for me because MY Brooklyn, is changing and I don’t want anyone to forget the last of it’s glory days. I hope I can do something with it all, one day…

#5-Wow didn’t think I’d come up with five, but here we are and it’s definitely a tie between trying new foods and music. My tastebuds are always seeking the next great bite so recipes and new restaurants are always bookmarked somewhere for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t a) pray, b) kiss you a million times, and c) listen to music! I’m passionate about Hip Hop, not the foolishness you’ll have to grow up listening to, but REAL Hip Hop and R&B and of course Reggae. Gospel and Jazz run a close third and fourth. I’m leaving you my Jay Z collection whenever the time comes, don’t sell unless absolutely necessary I’ll come back and ask WHY?!?! lol

What passions do you wish to share with your little ones?