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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

30 Things I Want My Children to Know About Me – 5 Things That Make Me Happy Now

Continuing with my 30 Things I Want My Children to Know About Me series…the next prompt was actually kind of hard but I think it’s all covered: What are the 5 Things that Make you Happy Now?

1- YOU! Duh! You already know that though. Everyday I get to walk in the door and hear “Mommy!!!” lifts all the weight off my shoulders. Teaching you new things, showing you new places, and watching you grow everyday makes me feel like I’m doing something right. We laugh, wrestle, and study all about dinosaurs EVERY DAY! and I complain about your never ending energy but I love it.

2-Photography. Reading about, studying other photographers, picking up the camera and experimenting and “finding my photography eye” is so therapeutic for me. I love looking at great images and how others see things it just makes me want to move more and more because we don’t get good light in our space lol but you are getting better at posing and liking the camera so that makes things a little easier now.

3-Music. I can’t really go a day without listening to it and you’re learning that Mommy can go from Jay Z to Anita Baker to Maroon 5 and over the Donnie McClurkin real quick. It’s a mood lifter, booster, maker no matter where I am or what I’m doing. The magic of the tune!

4-Reading. Since I was little girl I’ve always been a bookworm. Getting lost in a different world/life/time is ideal for to escape being Boss Nerd Mommy for a little while. I love that you have picked up my love of a good story (even if we a have to read the same story every night, three times).

5-Peonies. Right now they are in season and I love to have fresh flowers in the house and this is a prissy as I get. Funny Story: Every time I walk in with flowers, you wait until I put them down and then present them to me with “Here Mommy, I got you some flowers” and I give you an ol’ dramatic Thank You and hug lol At least you know what gentlemen should do!