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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I meant for this post to actually be posted much earlier in the day but work life got all in the way of blogging life, so…better late than never??

I think so!

We had a pretty Fall weekend here last weekend, I don’t mind 70*, sunny, Fall days AT ALL but the leaves in our yard were out of control! So it was time for the boy to get outside and do “man’s work” which is anything he thinks his father would do that Mommy shouldn’t do lol. Yes a lesson on chauvinism was had but seriously, if a man’s in the house, I’m not doing yard work. ::shrug::

And a bonus just for good measure 🙂

Are chores a part of your child’s weekend/weekly routine? 
What are some of their responsibilities and are they getting paid (like someone boldly asked smh)?